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  • Joyful, Jamaican, Jewish. These guys rock.
  • Keep up on Latin music and dance around the Bay Area. Caution: kicks off a sound file when you open it.
  • They put the cool in school.
  • They put on cutting-edge readings and concerts and stuff, and publish commentary on their site.
  • Stimulating collection of criticism on Jewish and other kinds of world music.
  • The finest CD store on the Web.
  • Very cool magazine for the ethnically aware and culturally hip. You must wear black to even read it.
  • A genius, a visionary, a guy who looked great in sequined bell-bottoms. Worship with us.
  • First stop on the Web for anything related to Jewish music.

Listen to this!

  • Sholom Secunda's best-remembered work. Popularized by the Bagelman Sisters, and then much more so by the Andrews Sisters, for whom it was kind of a signature piece.
  • Europeans of the 1920s called this one the "Arabian Dance," or "What They're Grooving To In Palestine."
  • The old familiar Israeli folk tune about a large lizard from Cuba. Done in our best Fania-imitation style.
  • A pretty wedding song, addressed to the father and mother of the bride. Cha cha ability not required.
  • A lively Israeli folk song, popularized in the U.S. by the Weavers in 1953 (just before they were blacklisted). We do it as a merengue; hold onto your hat.
  • A nice relaxed party tune that started life as an over-the-top tear-jerker ballad in a Yiddish musical. The trumpet player is Henry Hung -- he roars on this one.

To Life! Festival, Sept. 2005

  • Photos by David Torres

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